TYPT and its main axis products participated in 2023 Russia’s Moscow International Machine Tool Exhibition

1:Exhibition introduction and market conditions

The predecessor of Russia, the Soviet Union, was conducive to the rapid development of the machine tool manufacturing industry and became the world in the world after World War II
Two major machine tool manufacturers. But now, Russia’s machine tool industry mainly relies on imported supply. As the world’s tenth
The large machine tool market, the Russian machine tool import market increased by 23.01%in 2018 to $ 1.359 billion. China
The second largest import source country, the import value in 2018 was US $ 190 million, an increase of 68.45%over 2017, accounting for the import ratio
The Russian International Machine Tool Exhibition (Metalloobrabotka) is the Russian Machine Tools Association
It will be co -sponsored by the Expocentre Exhibition Center, and will be received by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, Russian industrialists and
Supported by Entrepreneurs Alliance and European Machine Tool Industry Cooperation Association. The exhibition was held in 1984, each year
The first session is the most large -scale and influential machine tool professional exhibition in Russia. The exhibition area of 2022 exhibition exhibition area
24959 square meters, 610 exhibitors from 20 countries and regions participated in the exhibition. The exhibition attracted the world
36,259 audiences came to visit and negotiate.

2:Exhibition information

Name: 2023 Russia’s Moscow International Machine Tool Exhibition Time: 2023-05-22 to 2023-05-26
Code: One year, session
Location: EXPOCENTRE International Exhibition Center, Moscow, Russia

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