Automatic tool change (AD) spindle
Automatic tool change (AD) spindle

Automatic tool change (AD) spindle

This Automatic tool change (AD) spindle product is a high speed milling motorized spindle, the highest speed is 60000rpm, rated power is 1.8kW-15.0KW; Mainly used in carving and milling machine and machining center, specially designed for all kinds of metal, non-metal high precision milling processing and elaborately, with low speed and high torque and high speed surface processing quality characteristics.

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Selection parameter table

Model description

Selection specification
TYPT Product seriesSeries name
Shank/copper clipER, ISO, BT, HSK, STM(double-head grinding), SZK(deep hole drilling), M(grinding), ZL(direct connection)
Outside diameter62-150
flangeA: None B: Yes
Rotational speed06-60(rpm*1000)
encoderMT(square wave encoder), MA(sine and cosine encoder), MS(new generation encoder)

Product characteristics

  • Double dynaic balance: for the rotor and spindle machine for high precision double dynamic balance processing, front-end shaft high precision low runout, shaft extension radial runout 30-50um, shaft end swing 3-5um;
  • Can be customized according to the customized needs to meet the non-standard customized needs of customers;
  • Strong rear fan heat dissipation, combined with compact fuselage design and front heat dissipation hole design, effectively discharge the heat generated during the fuselage work, so that the internal working environment always maintains a normal temperature, improve the working efficiency of the motor and extend the service life of the motor;
  • the product is suitable for a variety of industries, including: drilling, milling groove elongated hole, sawing, engraving and so on, can be used for processing aluminum, plastic, glass, metal.

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Does your spindle meet international standards?

Our motorized spindle products are in line with international standards and have passed the CE certification, please refer to the "TYPT spindle CE Certificate" for details.

How to select and purchase your motorized spindle?

For details, please download TYPT water cooled spindle catalog and TYPT Type selection table of spindle specification. We can customize motorized spindle according to customers' requirements. Including power, speed, precision and other aspects of the parameters, you can contact us through our email, telephone and other ways, we will have professional sales engineers to provide you with a comprehensive selection of consultation and purchase services.

How do you pay for your motorized spindle?

You can contact our customer service and pay to the official bank account designated by us. The funds are guaranteed.

In what ways can you ship your motorized spindle?

The goods are shipped by sea, air, express and other ways. We will provide you with the most appropriate way of shipment according to the needs of customers.

How long is the delivery time of your motorized spindle?

Our delivery time depends on the order quantity and customization requirements of customers. Generally, our delivery time is between 1-4 weeks.

How long is your motorized spindle's service life and maintenance?

The service life of our motorized spindle is as long as several years. The service life depends on the service environment and maintenance. Maintenance, including cleaning and lubrication, is recommended every three months.
  • TYPT water cooled spindle catalog

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  • TYPT Type selection table of spindle specification

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  • TYPT spindle CE Certificate

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