TYPT Planetary Reducer High Precision Flange output series
TYPT Planetary Reducer High Precision Flange output series

High Precision Flange output series

TYPT specializes in the design, development and production of planetary reducer, with low noise, high precision characteristics, can be used in automation equipment, robot control systems and other applications. To provide customers with good after-sales service, manufacturers direct sales, complete models, cost-effective, to provide the selection of installation and servo special reducer customized solutions.

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Selection specification
Series /ModelStandard straight tooth series: TYK/TNK/TYKH
High precision helical tooth series: TA/TN/TD/TE/TS/TB
Flange output series: TF/TFR
PrecisionP0<1 arcmin
P1<3 arcmin
P2<5 arcmin
P3< standard

Product characteristics

  • Smooth running, low noise, low back removal planetary gear and solar gear are helical tooth design, tooth profile meshing rate is more than 2 times of spur gear;
  • Return clearance of standard product ≤3 arc minutes, return clearance of fixed product ≤ 1 arc minutes;
  • rotating rigidity and output torque. The use of integral full needle roller bearing and integral inner ring with integral planetary boom, greatly improve the torsion;
  • single-stage 97% above, double stage 94% above;
  • the collet type locking mechanism uses synthetic grease, and adopts IP65 protection grade seal design, lubricating oil leakage and maintenance free;
  • The connection between the input end and the motor adopts the collet locking mechanism and dynamic balance analysis to ensure the power transmission combined with the concentricity of the interface and zero backgap under the high output speed.

How to select and purchase your planetary reducer?

For details, please download TYPT Planetary deceleration catalog. Contact us by email, telephone, etc. We will have professional sales engineers to provide you with comprehensive selection consultation and purchase services.

How do you pay for your planetary reducer?

You can contact our customer service and pay to the official bank account designated by us. The funds are guaranteed.

How can you ship your planetary reducer?

The goods are shipped by sea, air, express and other ways. We will provide you with the most appropriate way of shipment according to the needs of customers.

What is the shipping time for your planetary reducer?

Our delivery time depends on the order quantity and customization requirements of customers. Generally, our delivery time is between 1-4 weeks.
  • TYPT Planetary deceleration catalog

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